Human Pin Cushion 2.0

Well last round I thought that I felt like a pin cushion, but that had nothing on this round. Instead of 2 shots per day, I get to be poked 3 times a night. Some nights when the pen of one med runs out and we need to open another to finish the dose, I get to be poked at a 4th time. I don’t remember feeling annoyed or sick of being poked at last time, but this round, I am SO over these shots. And the bloat? It’s major this time. I look like I am 16 weeks pregnant at the current moment and super uncomfortable. Those little follicles are feeling like a sack of grapes in each of my ovaries.

Things are moving right along for us and everything seems to be going great. We’ve had a couple appointments in Iowa City and more to come. At our consult, I made a bit of a fit over not ever seeing a doctor when I was in for appointments at our previous clinic, and it just so happens that every time we have taken the trip over there, we have seen a doctor. I’m not sure if it’s because I was a diva and complained numerous times over this frustration or because they really just run this way and want to make sure you are comfortable with what they are doing and that you understand fully what is happening. Either way, I am all for it and it has helped boost our confidence.

We have decided, well actually I decided and my husband just nodded his head in agreeance, that we are not going to share on my blog when our retrieval and transfer is. We have worked to be as transparent as we can be this past year and are so glad that we made the decision to do so but this time, I just want to feel like I can relax and enjoy the ride without telling the world before I am ready. I feel like I am under so much pressure in our situation and as you can imagine, posting and letting the world know things in real-time makes that feeling of being under pressure increase.

What you should know now is that everything is going so incredibly well and by the end of the year, we will know whether we will be turning into a party of 3 sometime next year or if we need to develop another plan. When we are ready we will let you know all the details of our retrieval, how many potential Baby A’s we have, how our transfer went, and what our future is looking like.

We both are looking forward to how this round pans out and feel like we have some major blessings in our future whether that’s 9 months from now or a little while longer, we know that we are on the right track.