The Two Week Wait

Here we are nearing the end of our two week wait and boy, this was the hardest part of our entire journey. It sounds easy. You go to the doctor for your transfer, have some embabies put inside you and carry on with life, right? Wrong…

Up until now it was constant monitoring. Constant blood work. Constant ultrasounds. Change in meds. Stim injections. Trigger injections. A calendar that became your life and told you everything you needed. The lab techs, the doctor, and the nurses were constantly in communication with you. After your retrieval you get a call the next day letting you know how your embryos are doing then you find out on day 5 how many are still there, then nothing. It’s literally crickets. There’s nobody poking at you, wanding you, calling you and letting you know what to do now or how everything is looking for you. There’s nobody watching your embryos and letting you know how they are doing. It’s just you, your husband and the embabies that you hope have made you a mama.

Some days I feel extremely positive and hopeful that this has worked out for us and at least one of them has cozied up and will soon be our babe. Other days, I feel like our transfer failed and we need to make a plan on what our next step is. This two week wait is a whirlwind and an emotional roller coaster. I feel as if I have done my best to stay as positive and hopeful as I can be, but there are definitely days that my husband has to really bring me back up or the few friends who have been on this winding journey have to remind me to keep having faith.

The thing is that IVF isn’t 100% guarantee that you are going to get your take home baby. I have watched women get pregnant right from the get go every single transfer. I’ve heard others say that it took them multiple retrievals and transfers before they were successful. There’s others out there who have transferred 5 or 6 times and still have nothing to show for it besides the pile of debt they are in. Who am I to say or even think that this will work right away for us and we won’t be one of those people who have to endure multiple transfers before having a child? I sure never thought that infertility would be a word I would use to describe my life, but here I am.

I have to remain hopeful and keep my faith in God that he will bless us. I sure hope that we have our baby a with this transfer but if not, we will be OK and we will keep trying until we have our baby a or a’s. Our story and journey will not be over if we are not successful our first go around. It will just make it that much sweeter when we finally are holding our babe in our arms.

The two week wait sure will put the stress and anxiety on a person. Everyone prepares you for the stims and the appointments and the procedure for egg retrieval and how emotional you’ll become but nobody tells you that the two week wait will be the most taxing and emotionally draining couple weeks of your life.

3 Replies to “The Two Week Wait”

  1. God brought you to mind last night so I prayed and looked to see if you had any updates (it had been awhile since I looked). Continuing to pray for you and AJ during this time.


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