Our Egg Hunt

We went on an egg hunt yesterday. Our retrieval wasn’t until 9:45 in the morning so I was excited to sleep in a little bit until I woke up at 6 am and couldn’t go back to sleep because I was overwhelmed with excitement. I was so excited to see how many eggs they would get but also to get those eggs out of my ovaries. When you have that many mature eggs and more follicles,  you start to feel like you are carrying grapes around. The bloat is real. I had to walk around work with my dress pants unbuttoned on Monday because I was so bloated!

When we got to the clinic we were called back to the prep area and they had me change into a super sexy hospital gown, a mesh cap and mesh footies to go over my socks. The nurse came to give us our instructions for the next 5 days and then went to get our doctor to say hi before the retrieval. Our doctor is one amazing man. He is so compassionate, so caring and you can really tell that he loves what he does and is very knowledgable in his area of expertise. He came in and made sure that we both were comfortable, talked about what we were about to do, made sure we didn’t have any questions and then told me that he would go let the nurse know I’m ready for my ‘margaritas’. During the egg retrieval you are under a conscious sedation so you get a nice little concoction of meds in your IV. Whoof- that stuff was serious, let me tell you. I remember walking back into the operating room and laying down on the bed. I remember the nurses coming over and saying hello to me. I remember asking them what they were doing (lol – like they were just at home chilling and I was seeing what their plans for the day were. Duh.). I remember my doctor coming in and saying something to him, but I can’t remember what. I remember telling the nurses I was mad that I had those mesh footies over my socks because I specifically wore my egg retrieval day socks for good luck. I vaguely remember saying ‘Ouch!’ at one point and the nurses comforting me. Then I woke up in the post-op chair united with my husband again.


When I woke up the nurse came to check on me and then our doctor came over to chit chat. Apparently, that wasn’t the first time. My husband said he came over and woke me up to tell me how many eggs they were able to collect, but I don’t remember that at all. He let us know that we collected 11 eggs!! The nurse said that retrieving 8 is about average for their office, so 11 was an amazing number!

Shortly after I woke up we got to break out of there and head home. I planned on feeling much worse than I did. The only pain I was in was kind of like menstrual cramps, the nurse gave me some extra strength Tylenol and sent us on our way. I was so nervous leading up to retrieval that I would end up over-stimulated but thankfully, that was not the case for us.


When we left the clinic I wanted McDonalds. Mostly, I wanted McDonalds French Fries because salty foods are good for your body after retrieval. AJ made my wish his command. McDonalds French Fries it was for lunch! We spent the afternoon hanging out on our back deck enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having and just sat and enjoyed each others company for an afternoon. It was very relaxing and a nice slowdown to what our lives have been these past few weeks.


Today, we received the call that out of the 11 eggs they collected, 10 were mature and 9 fertilized! We currently have 9 Baby A’s! Not all of these will make it to the Day 5 Blastocyst stage but I have a good feeling that our children are in that incubator right now. I’ve been praying and asking God to give us the perfect amount of embryos that would complete our family so that we don’t have to go through all of this again and we don’t have to make decisions if we have ‘leftover’ embryos after we have decided our family is complete.

Tonight we start a new injection. This is an intramuscular injection with an inch and a half long needle. Yikes! The injection is progesterone. This helps women not miscarry because of progesterone levels dipping. If we are successful in our transfer and end up pregnant, these shots will continue for the entire first trimester. But, I’m sure I will have more to say about these later on once I have experienced it first hand.


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