How the hell did we get here?

I’ve known my husband and his family for as long as I can remember. We were best friends and later took the plunge on dating. Here we are (almost) 6 years later, married, living in our first home and trying/praying/hoping for a baby.

We just got married in May of 2017. We decided we would start trying for a baby right away. I was convinced we would get pregnant right from the git go, it’s almost kind of embarrassing. I mean, when we were younger it was beaten into our heads how easy it was to get pregnant and it only took one time. Well, they were wrong. It definitely is not that easy for all of us.

After 8 months of negative pregnancy tests, I decided to reach out to my doctor and see if we could run some tests. Everything we did checked out normal. The doctor decided to start me on Clomid the same cycle that I was scheduled for an HSG. I was SO hopeful for this cycle. HSG raises your chances of conceiving and Clomid was giving me some big juicy eggs, I was definitely going to get pregnant this month and have a November baby.

I went in for the HSG with so much caution and hesitation. Is this going to hurt? Am I going to be one of the lucky ones who will say it’s just ‘uncomfortable’? The technician assured me that it wouldn’t be any worse than period cramps and it was a very quick procedure. Well, she was right about one thing. That was easily the worst pain I have ever experienced to this day yet. I knew something was wrong with how intense the pain was and can I just mention that I have a very high pain tolerance. Afterwards the doctor said that the procedure was so intense because both of my tubes were blocked. No, that can’t be. I swore I heard her wrong because I was still trying to come to from the excruciating pain I was just in. So, I asked her which tube was blocked and she just looked at me sadly and said, both.

So here we are still trying to digest this past month and waiting on our consultation with the fertility specialist where it is likely that we will be told IVF is our future if we are wanting to start a family.

I am choosing to share our story, our past and future struggles, and hopefully someday great news with you. This isn’t how either of us planned for our lives to go but this is our journey and we are waiting for baby A.




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